Abacus Math

Soroban abacus is the easiest way to learn math!

Soroban Abacus is an ancient math calculation tool with history started in Japan. Abacus math even further date back to China. Soroban abacus’ ancient heritage has disguised its wonderful hidden potential as still the most effective and easiest way to learn math.

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Although powerful, soroban abacus math teachers are difficult to find and are limited to Asian populations (Japanese and Chinese.) Soroban abacus or mental math calculation books are available; however, it is frequently full of errors and still maintains old traditional and boring ways of math learning.

Now, with computer animation and internet technologies, MathSecret has made soroban abacus learning available to everyone with internet. Using animations, students will understand how soroban abacus pearls are maneuvered. Online games further enhance children interest level and motivate students’ math learning!

MathSecret’s soroban abacus math education via online is the easiest way to learn math for not just younger children but also can help older students’ ability to excel at math by changing their perspective of math at the foundation level.